We’re one big step closer to Blake Bortles appearing on The Good Place

Molotov cocktails all around!

Less than a week after Blake Bortles was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars — a sad day for Bortles, Jason Mendoza, and The Good Place viewers — the NBC comedy’s favorite quarterback found a new home — and it’s in a real good place.

The 26-year-old has officially signed a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams. Now, why is this so good? Well, for him, he will be the back up to Jared Goff and get to learn under offensive genius (and hottest coach in the league) Sean McVay, and anybody that even looks at McVay is usually rewarded handsomely, so Bortles could become a hot commodity after next season.

But, much more important is that he’s now in Hollywood, you know, the place where a little show called The Good Place is filmed. When Bortles was let go by the Jaguars, we suggested that he might now have some free time for a cameo, and, honestly, we couldn’t have dreamed up such an ideal scenario. I mean, surely Bortles has a few hours free and enough money in that contract for an Uber ride to the Universal lot.

So, with Bortles on The Good Place now a foregone conclusion, what scenario can we come up with for his appearance? Maybe the afterlife comedy pulls a Heaven Can Wait and has Jason return to Earth to play alongside Bortles. Or how about he’s a resident of Team Cockroach’s new Good Place neighborhood and opens a bar called Bortles Service (the show does love food puns)? Our original idea might still make the most sense, which is that Bortles is the unknown person that Shawn has sent to torture Jason. Yes, on paper that seems like the opposite of torture as Jason would have a new BFF, but what if Jason learns that in the years he’s been gone, Bortles won a Super Bowl…with the Rams…over the Jaguars. That would truly be his Bad Place.

Hopefully, we will soon find out what scenario Bortles can be factored into, and, hopefully, for Bortles sake, with him now free from the Jaguars, he’s also free of The Good Place‘s curse.

The Good Place returns to NBC this fall.

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