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Claudio Ranieri: Fulham sack manager having had ‘romantic visions of Leicester’

Yikes! Singapore Airlines passenger finds a human tooth in his inflight meal

Elon Musk says Tesla will probably not be profitable in the first quarter of 2019

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during a conference call with reporters on Thursday that the automaker would likely not be profitable in the first quarter of this year.Musk added that he expected Tesla to be profitable in the second quarter.Musk’s statement marks a reversal from his prior prediction that Tesla would be profitable in every quarter beginning in the third quarter of 2018. During the automaker’s fourth-quarter earnings call in January, Musk said he was “optimistic” that Tesla would earn a small profit during the first quarter.Read more: Tesla is shuttering most of its stores as the company switches to an online-only sales model“I’m optimistic about being profitable in Q1. Not by a lot, but I’m optimistic about being profitable in Q1 and for all quarters going forward,” Musk said during the call.During the second half of 2018, Tesla posted the first consecutive quarterly profits in its history, though it failed to meet Wall Street’s expectations for its fourth-quarter earnings.Th…

The Jonas Brothers release new song ‘Sucker’ along with video starring their lovebugs

The JoBros are back with a little help from their favorite lovebugs.The reunited band of brothers — Nick Jonas, 26, Joe Jonas, 29, and Kevin Jonas, 31 — released “Sucker,” their first new track in nearly six years, at midnight Friday.The track was accompanied by a music video featuring KevinJoe, and Nick‘s respective love interests: Danielle JonasPriyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner.In the tune, which celebrates their individual relationships, the brothers sing, “I’m a sucker for you/Say the word and I’d go anywhere blindly.” The video, meanwhile, features the bandmates and their lady friends exploring an Alice in Wonderland-inspired castle landscape dressed in elaborate costumes.On Thursday, Joe Jonas sent Jonas Brothers’ diehard fans into a tizzy with a tweet confirming new music from the band is on the way. Six years after they originally split, the brothers are making their long-time rumored reunion official. Joe’s tweet included a link the boys’ new single “Sucker” — available …

Is Bangladesh a one-party state?

In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan challenges Gowher Rizvi, the adviser to the prime minister of Bangladesh on international affairs, on the state of the country’s democracy and whether it is heading towards authoritarianism.Once one of the poorest countries in the region, Bangladesh’s economy has been booming over the last decade, with economic growth faster than its neighbours India and Pakistan. It also boasts lower infant mortality and longer life expectancy than its peers.Just because a party has been elected three times, it is not a one-party state.Gowher Rizvi However, human rights groups warn that the country is becoming increasingly autocratic, accusing the government of clamping down on any form of dissent and hounding and locking up its political rivals.In recent general elections, Bangladesh’s ruling party, the Awami League, reasserted its power following a landslide victory. The opposition rejected the results amid violence which saw 17 killed and allegations of …

Reports: Trump ordered son-in-law Jared Kushner be granted top-secret security clearance


White House Senior Adviser and son-in-law to the president, Jared Kushner has been given permanent security clearance to the white House. Veuer’s Sam Berman has the full story.
Buzz60 WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump personally ordered his former chief of staff John Kelly to grant a top-secret security clearance to his son-in-law Jared Kushner despite concerns from officials, according to media reports. The New York Times and Washington Post reported Thursday that Kelly documented Trump’s request in a memo. Both outlets cited unnamed sources. USA TODAY has not verified the claims and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said “we don’t comment on security clearances.”Trump’s directive reportedly took place last year amid concerns from White House officials about Kushner’s clearance level. The reports starkly contradict comments the president has made, in which Trump declared he had nothing to do with Kushner’s clearance. The Times reported that former White House Counsel Don…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s grilling of Michael Cohen showed how the freshman lawmaker can defy expectations

David Harbour saves the world in devilishly fun new Hellboy trailer

WARNING: TRAILER CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Are you ready for the apocalypse? David Harbour certainly is. The Stranger Things actor stars in the new Hellboy movie as the demon hero who’s made a home on Earth and now strives to protect it from monsters like himself. As seen in the newest, R-rated trailer for the film above, there’s a lot to protect it from!As Harbour told EW when the first trailer dropped back in December, the movie’s main question is whether Hellboy belongs more with his demonic brethren or with the humans who raised him. The former faction is represented by Nimue the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich), who Hellboy senses a strange kind of kinship with. The latter is represented by Hellboy’s human adoptive father, Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane) and the BPRD organization he leads.In case any viewers want to catch up on Hellboy comics before the movie lands in April, Dark Horse just published comprehensive new omnibus editions. One of them in particular, Hellboy: The Wild Hu…

Sergio Ramos: Real Madrid gets two-game European ban for ‘deliberate booking’

Ex-Vegas headliner faints at 20-year sentence in porn case

How to Get Away With Murder recap: We’re all living in hell now

Here we are, the How to Get Away With Murder season finale — finding ourselves very much in the same place we’ve been finding ourselves for about two years now — in a mess of Jorge Castillo’s making.Last week, we learned that the slimy lawyer who met with Nate Lahey, Sr. in prison was not, in fact, Emmett Crawford, but Laurel’s brother — Javier Castillo, who is basically Jorge 2.0. We see a flashback of this meeting where Javier tries to convince Nate Sr. they can get him a better trial date, but Nate sees through him and tells him to get his ass out that door. God, I miss this man.Laurel sees the footage and is convinced her father is orchestrating this all from prison. But Annalise turns on Laurel, telling her that Nate’s father and Wes are both dead because of her. Annalise fires shots at Frank too, blaming Laurel’s internship on his penis. And she’s not wrong. They’re all living in hell now and she’s tired of it. Something tells me Annalise’s personal hell won’t end until this sho…

After denying racism, videos of Meadows vowing to send Obama ‘home to Kenya’ resurface

Tesla is finally releasing the long-awaited $35,000 Model 3

Tesla is releasing the long-awaited $35,000 version of its Model 3 sedan.The $35,000 model is now available for order on Tesla’s website. Delivery for the vehicle will take two to four weeks, the site says.The $35,000 “standard range” trim has a 220-mile range, a maximum speed of 130 mph, and the ability to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds.Tesla has also made available a “standard range plus” trim, which has a 240-mile range, a maximum speed of 140 mph, and the ability to go from zero to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. Delivery for the “standard range plus” trim will take two weeks or less, the automaker’s site says.Trading of Tesla shares was paused by Nasdaq at 4:57 pm for about 43 minutes.Read more: Tesla is shuttering most of its stores as the company switches to an online-only sales modelTesla said in a blog post that it would close many of its retail stores and shift sales online, a move that allowed the automaker able to introduce the new Model 3 trims. Tesla will increase …

A Million Little Things recap: The Barbara Morgan mystery is revealed

Guys, we made it! It’s the A Million Little Things first season finale and all the mysteries are about to be answered. So let’s get right into it, eh?We kick things off with Maggie moving into Gary’s place. The plan is Eddie will move into her old apartment to make room. (I’m telling you, Eddie has the best deal; her place is sweet.) Maggie is reluctant to unpack or build any furniture until she gets the all clear from her doctor. Gary’s is optimistic and, thankfully(!!), he has good reason to be. When they get to the doctor’s office later, he tells them Maggie is in remission! Woo! Maggie laughs uncontrollably as Gary cries, but later at home, she really lets the news sink in as she unpacks her boxes at Gary’s place. She never thought she’d survive this time.Before all this, the gang gathers at Delilah’s place. The Dixon family has been packing up Jon’s belongings and decided to give certain items out to the group. Gary gets his old Harvard shirt; Gina gets Jon’s first real estate aw…

Track Cycling World Championships 2019: Australia smash world record to deny Great Britain gold in men’s team pursuit

Victoria’s Secret says it is shuttering 53 more stores

The A-list actresses of Tyler Perry movies

Behold, the many A-listers who have graced Tyler Perry’s movies with their presence. The director, producer, writer, and actor may be best known in pop culture for his Madea franchise (the latest of which, AMadea Family Funeral, hits theaters March 1), but it would be prudent not to leave out his hits that don’t center around the sassy granny. Up first: the inimitable Thandie Newton. In 2010 she joined the powerhouse ensemble cast of For Colored Girls, which was based on the haunting stage play (and poem). In 2012 Newton starred opposite Perry in Good Deeds — he was the rich businessman whose life was decided for him, she was a cleaning woman in his building, and no, it was nothing like Maid in Manhattan. Read More

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Prominent New Yorkers ask Amazon to reconsider

Weezer, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots take on ‘Take On Me’ with classroom instruments

Fresh off a barbershop quartet rendition of their song “Buddy Holly,” Weezer are already returning to The Tonight Show to put a new spin on another tune. But now, frontman Rivers Cuomo looks less like Buddy Holly and a lot more like Morten Harket.In an exclusive preview of the latest “Classroom Instruments” segment (a classic Jimmy Fallon bit), the Tonight Show host and the Roots join Weezer (Cuomo, guitarist Brian Bell, bassist Scott Shriner, and drummer Patrick Wilson) for a performance of A-Ha’s iconic hit “Take On Me.” Cuomo handles lead vocals, meaning he gets to take on the song’s notorious high note. (You know, the one you always try to hit when you’re alone in your car and this song comes on the radio…)Befitting the material, everyone’s decked out in painfully ’80s regalia. The segment also spoofs the famous music video for the song, flitting between live action and the sketchy, hand-drawn look of the music video. It’s enough to take you back to 1984… or it would be, if it wer…

2019 Track Cycling World Championships: Australia hold on to beat Great Britain in thrilling team pursuit final – BBC Sport

Great Britain’s women take silver as Australia hold on for gold in a thrilling finish to the team pursuit final at the 2019 Track Cycling World Championships in Poland.WATCH MORE:GB take silver as Australia smash team pursuit world recordAvailable to UK users only. Read More

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Bryce Harper sweepstakes: Winners and losers in wake of $330 million deal with Phillies

Robo-advisor Wealthfront now offers a new high-yield savings account with a minimum deposit of $1 — here’s how it stacks up

Transit is a haunting refugee thriller that blurs the past and present: EW review

The past becomes an eerie prophecy for the present in German director Christian Petzold’s haunting new existentialist thriller, Transit. Based on a 1944 novel by Anna Seghers that chronicled the harrowing purgatory of being stateless and dispossessed during wartime, Petzold’s mysterious waking nightmare of a film telegraphs its parallels to the current global refugee crisis by shifting the film’s setting to now — or at least a time that looks and feels like a funhouse-mirror version of now.The movie opens in France, where the wail of police sirens is a constant background drone and civilians are routinely rounded up by heavily armed police officers. We’re told, through fearful, whispered conversations, that “the fascists” are rolling in and anyone without the proper transit papers will be shipped off to camps, or worse. One of these doomed souls on the run is Georg (Franz Rogowski) — an everyman straight out of a Kafka story who speaks in lisping German and has the face of a bruised a…

Trump believes Kim Jong Un didn’t know about Otto Warmbier. Experts say that’s impossible.

Experts say North Korea leader Kim Jong Un had to have known about Otto Warmbier’s torture while imprisoned there.
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André Previn, conductor and Oscar-winning composer, dies at 89

André Previn, the renowned conductor and composer who won Oscars for his work scoring films, has died. He was 89.Previn died on Thursday at his home in New York City, according to the New York Times. He was a musical legend, known for his gigs conducting London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic amongst several others. Previn was also a gifted composer and pianist, with a body of work that spanned genres. Most famously, he recorded as a jazz pianist with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, but he was also known for his work composing everything from musicals, orchestral pieces, operas, and concertos.For movie audiences, Previn was best known for his work scoring films. He composed scores throughout Hollywood’s Golden Age, providing the musical backdrop for a wide range of projects, including A Catered Affair, It’s Always Fair Weather, Elmer Gantry, and Irma La Douce. In 1961, he achieved the remarkable feat of securing three Oscar nominations in on year — for th…

‘90210’ star Luke Perry hospitalized after reported stroke; co-stars react to news

Amazon will now let Prime members pick which day to get their items delivered, and it’s a stealthy way for the company to cut down on its fastest-rising cost

Now, Amazon day can be whenever you want it to be.Amazon Prime members can designate a day of the week to have all their shipments delivered. The initiative is called “Amazon Day.” Customers can also switch around their Amazon Day from week to week if their ideal delivery date changes.Here’s the way it works:Prime members designate a day of the week as their “Amazon Day.”When customers make an order, they can choose their Amazon Day as part of the shipping page. Or they can choose Prime shipping like normal.When the day arrives, all items that were designated for that shipment will arrive in as few boxes as possible.This can be convenient for customers for a few reasons. Those worried about theft can pick a day when they expect to be home. If they don’t need the item right away and are concerned about the environment, they can cut down on the environmental impact.It also can be more predictable than a bunch of separate orders.Read more: Anybody can now offer free 2-day shipping on Wal…

Hot Stuff: February romance novels explore finding happily-ever-afters post-trauma

February is the shortest month, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less abundance of new romance titles to enjoy. This month’s crop of titles takes readers on a series of adventures from the furthest reaches of space to the Confederate South to Victorian England.Whether looking ahead to a futuristic setting or to the past or situating a story in the present day, romance interrogates issues of gender, romance, equality, and justice against the always potent backdrop of a love story. There is always a barrier to the ultimate happily-ever-after and this month, trauma rears its head as a potent factor — whether it’s systemic and physical or an unhealed emotional wound, these releases explore the need to heal as part of finding a happy ending. With this in mind, February’s titles offer up some great examples of the genre’s ability to deliver provocative social and cultural commentary no matter when or where the story takes place. The Matchmaker’s List
By Sonya Lalli
Review: With The Matchmaker…

OWNAFC: Non-league football club could be run by supporters using a phone app

North Korean official contradicts President Trump’s account of failed nuclear negotiations

See the first trailer for Kathy Griffin stand-up film A Hell of a Story

Kathy Griffin is ready to tell A Hell of A Story.In the comedian’s first-ever concert film, Griffin dives into what it was like to be mired in controversy after taking photos holding a mask that looked like the severed head of President Donald Trump in 2017. Directed by Troy Miller (Bill Maher: Live From DC) and self-produced and written by Griffin, Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story finds the two-time Emmy winner sharing “the scary and hilarious behind the scenes stories of her fight to stand up for her first amendment rights,” according to the press release. “From Trump to celebrities, no person or topic is off limits.”Griffin will also appear for the first time at the Austin-based SXSW festival, where she’ll host the film’s world premiere and appear on stage in an interview with EW’s Shana Krochmal. The film currently does not have a distributor.Watch the trailer above.Related content:  Read More

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Israel attorney general to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges

UBS is using laser beams and 5G to trade stocks in the latest escalation of a technological ‘arm race’

From fiber optic cables to dark fibre and microwaves, financial firms have spent the better part of a decade looking to slice fractions of milliseconds off how quickly they can trade stocks.But the latest chapter in how firms are aiming improve their trading speed and execute trades more efficiently for their clients reads like something out of a science fiction novel.UBS has begun in recent months to use laser beams and millimeter waves, also known as 5G technology, to send orders wirelessly for its US equity trading business. The Swiss bank tells Business Insider that the new infrastructure will allow it to send orders quicker and reduce the likelihood inclement weather could impact performance.The bank said it has been working with the three major equity exchange groups — NYSE, Nasdaq and Cboe Global Markets — to use the technology on their venues. The installation is in New Jersey where the majority of US equity trading occurs between a handful of data centers.Fiber optic cables a…

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 queens on ‘changing the next generation’ of queer youth

After fans spent two months watching queens pulling lipsticks on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4, the season 11 girls are ready to pull various gags from another place when the Emmy-winning reality competition series returns.“I think our season is going to be incredible because we are incredible,” new competitor Silky Nutmeg Ganache tells EW in earnest before joking: “You’re going to see girls who really pull things out they ass, on a budget!”All joking aside, all 15 season 11 ladies take seriously the responsibility of representing the queer community on a mainstream television show.“We’re the culture where everyone gets to pick and take what they like — take our cute sayings, take our cute little fashion trends — and then wipe us out of the picture,” contestant Yvie Oddly says. “With 15 queens, and so many of us being [people of color], girl, I dare someone to try and erase the impact we’re about to make!”“I can’t imagine myself growing and seeing a drag queen on TV that I could look…

How EU-reliant small British businesses are preparing for Brexit

London, United Kingdom – In an industrial park in north London, artisans from Poland, Italy, England, Mauritius, and elsewhere painstakingly stitch mattresses for Savoir Beds, a British luxury brand.Like the craftsmen and women, most of the materialsare from the European Union or from around the world via Europe: plywood from Latvia, wool from Spain, horsetail from South America via Switzerland.Savoir Beds only makes about 900 mattresses a year, with customers willing to pay an average of £14,000 ($18,300) – and up to £150,000 ($197,000) – for their custom-made products.To avoid disrupting the supply chain of materials because of border delays, should there be a no-deal Brexit, the manufacturer has stockpiled £250,000 ($328,400) worth of the materials it needs to ensure production doesn’t grind to a halt.It is feared that should the UK quit the EU without a deal, or without an agreement that is useful for small businesses, there would be additional red tape and transport restrictions.…

NFL wide receiver Demaryius Thomas arrested on vehicular assault charge

See every Captain Marvel image released so far

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Chuck Zlotnick/©Marvel Studios 2019 Advertisement2 of 52
©Marvel Studios 2019Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel follows the interstellar warrior Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and a young, inexperienced Nick Fury as they team up to stop an alien threat. “[Carol is] his first extraterrestrial,” Jackson tells EW. “She opens up a whole new world for him.” 3 of 52
Chuck Zlotnick/© Marvel Studios 2019Captain Marvel
Before starting her career as an interstellar superhero, Carol Danvers was a top-notch Air Force pilot in the ’80s. Captain Marvel finds her arriving back on Earth with new questions about her past.  Advertisement4 of 52
Chuck Zlotnick/© Marvel Studios 2019Captain Marvel
Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) is Carol’s old Air Force buddy, and these two have a long shared history.  Advertisement5 of 52
©Marvel Studios 2019Captain Marvel
What could be more ’90s than a trip to an internet café?  Advertisement6 of 52
Chuck Zlotnick/©Marvel Studios 2019Captain Marvel
GOOOOOOOOSE. Carol picks up a fuzzy cop…