Lennon Stella performs ‘La Di Da’ in EW’s revived ‘In the Basement’ series

Do you know how hard it is to talk about Lennon Stella without mentioning “Call Your Girlfriend”? Almost as hard as it is not to fawn over the pure genius of using empty Land O’Lakes containers to accompany an acoustic performance. But at the sake of fawning — or rather, aging ourselves — we’ll instead pivot to reminding everyone that Lennon is embarking on a solo music career fresh off a six-year stint on Nashville.

The singer, who (here we go again) first became known to the internet via the viral home videos she recorded alongside her younger sister, Maisy Stella (okay, we’re done with that), spent a huge part of her childhood portraying the daughter of one Connie Britton on the ABC/CMT musical drama. Although one could certainly find worse ways to nurture artistic talent, she has since returned to her musical roots.

Stella released her first EP, Love, me, last year with five ultra-personal tracks, and she kicked off a headlining tour on March 22 that wraps on April 11 in Vancouver. She’s also gearing up to embark on a six-month tour, in which she’ll first join Anne-Marie and then open up for the Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer. But before hitting the road, she stopped by the Entertainment Weekly studio for a revival of our “In the Basement” series.

Video directed by Kristen Harding and edited by Ethan Bellows

The singer stripped down her single “La Di Da,” which she told EW she penned at a writing camp in the middle of the jungle while seated, quite literally, in a tree. The song is about the emotions that come up when you shut down during a heated argument.

“It’s about… when you just plug your ears,” Stella said. “And you’re like, I’m not actually going to listen to this part because I know you don’t mean it.”

Stella recently released the music video for her latest single, “Bitch,” about a girl who learns to stand up for herself. (She wrote in her own annotation on Genius that although the song title may evoke a girl fight, “this song revolves around the thought of a girl being a BADASS and not willing to take put up with her boyfriend saying whatever he wants to her.”)

From her choice in fashion to her outgoing social media accounts, Stella is putting herself out there for fans new and old. But in the EW studio she kept her persona decidedly introspective:

Some things don’t sit right
this close to midnight
You’re someone else in this light
Stand in the kitchen
attempting to fix this
So I try to listen to you, you, you

Watch the video above for more of Lennon Stella, and check out past “In the Basement” performances from Charlie Puth, Ty Dolla $ign, and Jewel.

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