Black Lightning recap: Burn baby burn

This was something of a disjointed episode, and disappointingly anticlimactic. With the season finale one week away, so many storylines are so far from being resolved that I don’t know quite what season 2 will look like when all is said and done.

For instance, we start the episode on an intriguing note. Some random Freeland resident dresses up in a cape and ends up in a standoff with police. Despite not showing any indications of superpowers, the cops shoot him anyway. The guy is soon dubbed “Cape Man” on social media and causes people to ask questions about whether anti-meta paranoia is getting out of control. And what does it mean for Black Lightning and Thunder that their example is inspiring such deaths? But…that’s about all we get. “Cape Man” isn’t addressed much more than that, because the show is too busy checking in on Tobias’ plans for metahuman trafficking and Jennifer’s new suit and whatever is going on with Grace Choi and…

Probably the most successful thread running through this episode (and the last few) is Jennifer’s desire to kill Tobias. It’s understandable since he, uh, crippled her boyfriend and then pumped him full of poison and made him shoot up their school and then finally killed him in the most brutal fashion imaginable. But if Jefferson Pierce is one thing, he’s a man of principle. He first mandates a “no killing” rule at a family dinner and then explains it in greater detail to Jennifer when they take a lunch break from her suit tryouts. He notes that the Bible says it’s not humans’ decision who gets to live and who gets to die. When Jennifer replies with “an eye for an eye,” Jefferson reminds her that the Code of Hammurabi was meant to limit violence, not justify it.

Someone should tell that to Lala, who returns to his mad scientist and proclaims his plan to kill Tobias. The doctor agrees “wholeheartedly” because he was apparently in love with Lady Eve, whom Tobias had assassinated. Tobias might not be able to rely on the integrity of Jefferson Pierce to keep him alive for much longer.

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