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Oscars: Fans go wild over Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper’s ‘intimate’ ‘Shallow’ performance


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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed “Shallow” at the Oscars Sunday – and Twitter went totally gaga.

The “A Star Is Born” co-stars surprised the audience by taking the stage to perform the emotional ballad without an introduction.

They turned up the heat when Cooper joined Gaga on her piano bench, singing their last harmonies into one microphone together, and fans were all over it, declaring the pair stole the show.

Here’s how Twitter is reacting to the epic and “intimate” performance:

“Taking a personal day tomorrow after watching that v intimate performance of Shallow,” one Twitter user said.

“Ok I’m sweaty after watching that performance of Shallow that was INTIMATE,” another said.


“‘Shallow’ was tonight’s one perfect moment. Magnificent cold opening, single-shot, intimate chemistry,” another said. “And what a blessing to give Bradley Cooper (unrewarded all season for the best work of his career) such a moment on the #Oscars stage.”

“Okay that Shallow performance deserves something on its own,” another said. “That was so intimate and soulful.”

Others just went wild over the performance.

“Did anyone else scream during that performance bc I can’t,” one person tweeted.

“lady gaga and bradley cooper singing the shallows somehow got me pregnant,” another said.

“Wowwwwww, wait a second, are they in love? They’re so totally in love, OMG,” another said.

The passionate performance also sparked memes.

“when your Postmate doesn’t make you come downstairs to pick it up,” one person joked with a picture of the stars.

“this meme format is unparalleled,” another wrote along with a meme comparing the stars to “Paul Manafort” and “doing crimes.”

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